2016 Saxton Volunteer Fire Company

504 8th Street, Saxton, PA 16678

BVRO in the Books

June 12, 2016

Members from Saxton, Six Mile Run, and RBW&T participated in a 16 hour Basic Vehicle Rescue Operations (BVRO) class. The focus was on using power tools for extrication. Additionally, participants learned about using patient care devices such as cervical collars, KEDs, spine boards, and other devices. The classroom time culminated with a day of using various tools to complete course objectives. The class reinforced basic principle of cribbing and stabilization taught in the prior Basic Vehicle Rescue Awareness (BVRA) class taught last month. 


PIO Diehl said, "The instructors set-up scenarios that forced us to use all the tools we had in are arsenal. It forced us to become familiar with all the tools, and ultimately prepared us for the outside possibilities of tool breakage, loss of electric power generation, and other worse case scenarios. There is no doubt everyone, even seasoned veterans learned something."


The course also allowed members to test out alternative bug repellents such as dryer sheets. Sunscreen was remembered, but no one brought bug spray. I predict the rescue gets a bottle of it! Additionally, new reciprocating blades were demoed. They lasted the entire day. Other similar trainings used ten blades to the one. This discover not only makes rescue operations more efficient, but provides a significant cost savings!




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