2016 Saxton Volunteer Fire Company

504 8th Street, Saxton, PA 16678

Basic Vehicle Rescue Awareness

May 22, 2016

Members from Unit 15, Company 35, Company 36, Station 17 and 7 all took part in a 16 hour basic vehicle rescue awareness class this weekend. Personnel learned about accident scene safety, vehicle anatomy, and how to dismantle a vehicle with only hand tools. The class is part of the PA Department of Health Rescue Certification Program, and is one of three in the series. Next month an operations level class will be held, with the class culminating with rescue technician in the fall. 


PIO Diehl said, "The class gave me a true appreciation for the advancement in vehicle constructions. Certainly, airbags and steel alloys have helped reduce certain traumatic injuries. Passenger compartments are statistically much safer in newer cars, but without proper training and equipment the upgrades can be problematic for rescuers. Fortunately, we have the equipment to deal with the newer stronger steel--unfortunately, the weekend's object was using handpowered not hydraulic tools!"


The motoring public should be aware of the 5-10-20 rule. This rule states the minimum distances your body should be from the side airbag, driver's airbag, and passenger air bags. At these distances, the airbags are designed to provide maximum protection!





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