2016 Saxton Volunteer Fire Company

504 8th Street, Saxton, PA 16678


April 24, 2016

In the fire service there is an acronym for everything. Perhaps you know EVDT as EVOC? At any rate it’s driver training–Emergency Vehicle  Driver Training. Members from Company 35, Unit 15, Unit 16, Blair 60 and Fulton 56 participated in the VFIS designed course. The class included 16 hours of training that culminated in an eight station driving test. This is the first step in becoming a full-fledged driver. Unlike driving a car, where you get a permit and learn to drive, this course puts you in the hot seat before you get a ‘permit’. Company 35 had two firefighters complete their ambulance testing as well as fire apparatus testing; they will now take formal in-house training to be able to drive everything expect Truck 35.

Saxtion PIO Diehl said, “Many in the class were taking it as a refresher. They felt they could learn something new–and they did. They were intrigued by crash statistics provided, their causes, and the simple measures for preventing them. Participants learned how to enhance their ability to alert motorists of their approach, how to anticipate hazards, and how to appropriately react. It’s important that we exercise caution and due regard towards other motorists–this training helped drive that message home!”








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