2016 Saxton Volunteer Fire Company

504 8th Street, Saxton, PA 16678

Reporting Suspicious Activity

Reporting suspicious activities is more important than ever. With new threats emerging daily, it is safe to say that people want to disrupt our way of life. Preparedness and keeping an eye on our community is extremely important. Please report suspicious activity by calling 9-1-1! Suspicious activities might include: new cars frequenting the neighborhood, unfamiliar noises, the sound of explosions, residences having above normal amounts of garbage, large numbers of people visiting the house at all hours, odd smells, the smell of gas, vehicles at the scene of a fire before it starts, people running away from a fire, people hiding, people disguising themselves, and a sudden change in behavior are all worth reporting.

You can also report suspicious activites through See Send--a mobile app that assists Pennsylvania State Police with investigations.

Download your copy today by clicking here.

With your help we can make our community a safer place!