2016 Saxton Volunteer Fire Company

504 8th Street, Saxton, PA 16678

Reporting a damaged hydrant

Saxton VFC's primary coverage area has limited access to hydrants. Outside of Dudley and Saxton Boroughs there aren't conventional hydrants. We're working hard to install dry-hydrants in ponds and waterways throughout the rural portions of our service area. Recently, you may have noticed one installed off of SR 913 and Hickory Hill Road. Another exists on Pinchot Road. Dry-hydrants are intended to assist with rural water operations, and serve as pre-established fill sites. If you notice a damaged, broken or hydrant with missing caps/pieces please contact our station immediately!

There are more than 50 hydrants in Saxton, and more than 10 in Dudley. If you live near a hydrant, why don't you adopt it? During the summer ensure the ground around it isn't wet, keep the vegetation trimmed, and alert us if there are pieces missing or it appears damaged. In the winter, shovel the snow around it, and ensure it is visible!

Did you know that living within 500 feet of a hydrant can lower your insurance premiums??? If it is winter time, and we've haven't made it out to shovel your hydrant, you could miss out if your adjuster stops by to give you a new homeowner's quote. Help us ensure we can effectively and efficiently do our job by adopting a hydrant today!