2016 Saxton Volunteer Fire Company

504 8th Street, Saxton, PA 16678


Becoming a member of the Station 35 family can start at an early age. Many of our members have fond memories of their childhood interactions with former members or family members that were firefighters. For many these memories formed the basis of their firefighting careers. Today, Station 35 sponsors a Junior Firefighter Program that affords individuals age 14 to 17 an opportunity to learn about the fire and ambulance service while preparing for a paid or volunteer fire fighting career.

Are you community minded, and interested in helping your neighbors in their time of need? Station 35 is always looking for individuals to assist us with our mission of protecting property, saving lives, and providing a community service. At The 35, fire fighting is more than putting out fires. We conduct monthly trainings, fundraising, animal rescues, traffic control, weather related safety operations, public safety events, and vehicle rescues to name a few.

Our junior members are privileged to have in-house trainers. The 35 is proud to have members trained to the instructor level in most fire scene curricula including: Structural Collapse, Vehicle Rescue, Fire Suppression, Ropes, CORE, CPR, First Responder, and EMT certification. Junior members learn from our members, and have ample opportunities to interact with them and ask questions. Junior members become part of The 35 family through these interactions.

If you are a motivated individual interested in learning more about the fire and emergency medical services, we want you on our team. As a junior member you are eligible to:

  • Participate in all non-hazardous training that 35 members participate in (exterior burns, wildland fires, vehicle rescue, water supply operations, first aid, CPR, hazmat training (excluding Level A and B)),

  • Develop your own fundraising projects (2011 Class did a Haunted House),

  • Develop community outreach and education,

  • Assist with fire prevention activities,

  • Participate in parades,

  • Learn basic equipment operations, and

  • Complete Fire Fighting Essentials Modules (1,2, and 3)

    • Module 1—Introduction to Fire Fighting (16hrs),

    • Module 2—Fireground Support (48hrs), and

    • Module 3—Exterior Fire Fighting (42hrs).

Members completing Modules 1-3 can take Module 4—Interior Fire Fighting—only after turning 18 years of age.