2016 Saxton Volunteer Fire Company

504 8th Street, Saxton, PA 16678

Fund Raising

Operating a fire company isn't cheap. Our annual budget is primarily made-up of donations, fundraising, and our annual fund drive. We do not receive dedicated funds through a community 'fire tax'. Each municipality makes an annual contribution, but this is not based on a formula. With that said, fuel, equipment, maintenance, and inspections add up quickly. Did you know that outfitting one firefighter costs more than $10,000? That's not even using the most expensive gear, nor counting all the equipment they use or they may purchase on their own. As you well know, insurance is expensive. Imagine what it costs to insure a ladder truck with a replacement cost of more than $1.25M. 


So as not to burden our residents with a fire tax, we've elected to fundraise, look for areas to save through energy upgrades and different purchasing strategies, competitive bidding, and partner. These measures have assisted with keeping pace with rising costs, but we can't operate without your support.


Throughout the year we have multiple fundraisers from Wednesday night and first-Sunday or the month Bingo to serving banquets to renting our banquet hall to gun drawings to our annual Gun Bash our members spend a lot of time away from home raising money to pay our bills. Sunday Dinner, the first Sunday of every month, is perhaps our most well-known fundraiser. And of course, we have an annual fund drive. Your support of these events in greatly appreciated. Please spread the word, and bring a friend the next time you visit a fundraising event.