2016 Saxton Volunteer Fire Company

504 8th Street, Saxton, PA 16678


Fire Prevention activities are part of Saxton's solid outreach and education foundation. Wayne Hammond, our dedicated Fire Prevention Officer, has done much to improve our community fire prevention programming. From station tours with the elementary students to classroom visits for Pre-K to community presentations, we do our best to prepare our community in preventing a fire. This outreach also focuses on steps to take when a fire occurs. Since this program was implemented we've seen a drop in smoke in structure calls due to burnt food, reduced automatic alarms, and fewer structure fires. Children in our first due are less fearful of firefighters, and some have even overcome their fear of our 'loud' trucks! 

This year alone we've seen the benefits of this program in preventing the spread of a kitchen fire, because they knew to put baking soda and a lid on the burning pot and to turn off the stove. Simple lessons such as leaving a structure when a fire or carbon monoxide alarm sounds also show the program is making a difference. 

Contact our station if you'd like to have a Fire Prevention presentation at your facility or event. We'd be happy to to coordinate something with you. Last year we were fortunate enough to visit some vacation bible schools. Help us spread the life saving strategies of Fire Prevention!